The german design subscription

Unlimited design power at a fixed price with a subscription. Brutally fast, of course without running time and with an individual art director who speaks your language.

The perfect design solution for:

Nothing but a great service

Max Szelies

Aseli Trade GmbH

We use the designs from the subscription for our social media channels, for flyers, advertisements - actually for almost everything that has to do with graphics. Very convenient!

Bey Bey Design Bottleneck - Hello unlimited design power

With us, design is no longer a deadline killer or cost trap for your company. Good, fast output, can be canceled monthly – 21st century.

Design Duck

Perfect for those who want to outsource overheads or even the creation of all the graphic designs they need. We do all designs for you at a fixed price, lightning fast and in high quality.

1.799 €

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Important Answers

What does infinite designs mean?

You can commission as many design assignments as you want. We will all process them as quickly as possible in the order you set. Shouldn’t something be perfect the first time you draft it? – No problem. Revisions can also be commissioned as many as you need.

Which package should I book?

Natürlich das große Paket … Nein! Du solltest das Paket nehmen, was am besten zu deinen Anforderungen passt. Wenn du dir unsicher bist, buche einfach einen kostenfreien Gesprächstermin und wir klären deinen Bedarf gemeinsam. Uns ist wichtig, dass wir lange Partner bleiben und das geht nur, wenn es sich für alle lohnt.

Who is the copyright holder for the designs?

You. By submitting a design to you on our platform, you automatically become the rights holder of the content or we assign all rights of use to you and can do whatever you want with it. Each design is made individually for you and made available to you in the file types commonly used for the content. We will be happy to provide you with the source files on request. So you really have everything at hand.

Can I cancel at any time?

Sure. You can cancel or pause your current subscription at any time. The subscription then ends at the end of the current contract month. After the termination, you will still have access to our platform. Your designs will only be deleted from our servers after a period of at least 3 months.