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You pay a fixed fee and we deliver maximum design output. Can be canceled monthly, no negotiations, clear framework conditions – simply full speed ahead!

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If you want, you can start right away. First make an appointment with our sales department. In the conversation we will show you our platform, explain the workflow in detail and respond to your requirements in order to select the right package.

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You understand how we work, we understand which package and which contact person suits you best.

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1 or 2 – Is the Design Duck package enough or do you need double the manpower and an art director right from the start?

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Assigning, managing, prioritizing

In the platform you can easily and simply place orders, view the status, order revisions and adjustments and of course shift the priority. Everything is very clear, drag and drop, as little as possible, as much as necessary – a strong UX is very important to us!

Store your brands - save time and increase quality

You can easily store standardized information about your brands. Especially for agencies or shared accounts (yes! We have no problem with that) a great tool to make our designers’ work much easier. This way we are even faster and the results are even better!

We are also a consulting company

Your design contact person is available to you in the chat and also by phone to give you technical, but above all professional, advice. Benefit from the years of experience of our designers and be inspired by their creativity. Your key to even more good output!


How quickly will my order be completed?

ASAP! Speed ​​is one of our main selling points. So we take it seriously. Typically, most jobs can be completed in 1-2 business days. Complex jobs such as b. extensive website designs can logically take longer. Good communication is particularly important for such orders in order to keep throughput times as short as possible. Red cars would say: I AM SPEED!

Is my desired service included in the package?

If you are not sure whether a service is included in your package – just contact us. As a rule, it is immediately clear whether we can offer a certain service within your package, if not, it will be clarified for you. By the way: You can upgrade or downgrade your package at any time. B. switch to a larger package for a month or two.

In which file format do I get the designs?

In what you need. When placing an order, you can conveniently select which formats you would like to receive in the platform. The usage rights of the designs belong to you – that’s why we are always happy to provide you with the source files such as B. psd or tif files are available. So you can do what you want with your designs and use them in a variety of ways.

What does my design contact actually do?

Your personal design contact person or art director is your fairy godmother, your project manager and your creative engine when creating your designs. You are the individual contact person for the orders and then assign them internally in our teams. They also ensure that the high quality is maintained and act as a professional mouthpiece for you in our system.

Can I cancel at any time?

Sure. You can cancel or pause your current subscription at any time. The subscription then ends at the end of the current contract month. After the termination, you will still have access to our platform. Your designs will only be deleted from our servers after a period of at least 3 months.

Who is the copyright holder for the designs?

You. By submitting a design to you on our platform, you automatically become the rights holder of the content or we assign all rights of use to you and can do whatever you want with it. Each design is made individually for you and made available to you in the file types commonly used for the content. We will be happy to provide you with the source files on request. So you really have everything at hand.

We'll show you how it works

Make an appointment and we will calmly show you our platform and explain the workflow that will explode your design output.