Get a webflow website created by Design Duck

You read it right! Germany’s leading graphic design subscription builds your website in webflow. From one-pagers to more complex company websites.
Benefit from the experience gained from thousands of customer orders.

Webflow websites are like WordPress with Elementor, but just cooler!

UX and Web Design Hand in Hand

When we build your webflow website and ideally also design it, our UX designers collaborate directly with the web designers. With us, you get both – a strong design and a clean implementation.

Thanks to our subscription system, we can execute your webflow website at a really good price and continue to take care of your other graphic design projects as needed or additionally.

Ben Staudt

Patronus Group, Founder

Our marketing department mostly uses Design Duck for ad graphics. We are very enthusiastic, especially with the quick implementation!

Fast thanks to effective project management

We typically create webflow websites within 1-2 months as part of our Design Duck package. Simple one-pagers can be even faster. For more complex websites, you might want to plan for 2 – 3 months.

The turnaround time, of course, depends heavily on how clear your visions are and how often we need to make adjustments. Before starting, we’ll collaborate to determine the timeframe you can expect and the best way for us to reach our goals together.

Prefer WordPress with Elementor, don't you?

Alright then – get in touch! If the setup aligns, we can also create WordPress websites with Elementor for you.

Plan, Build, Deliver, and Maintain

We build the webflow website either in our space or at your place – your choice. Once it’s completed, we transfer it over to you. Afterward, you can opt for our support package at 349 EUR per month (maintenance, content updates, web design adjustments – including 4 hours of development) or take care of it yourself – that’s up to you.

Regular communication is crucial before and during the build, and depending on the complexity of the project, we might discuss progress at weekly intervals, for example. You’ll always stay closely involved and have everything in sight!

Our work speaks for itself


8 weeks

Fincasa Immobilien

6 Wochen

Genial Lokal

6 Wochen

Schütte Consult

4 Wochen

Treibholz Boards

8 Wochen


3 Wochen

What else could we do for you?

We offer you all the services that graphic designers could provide. Besides flyers and brochures, you can have us create everything our specialists are capable of. So, quite a lot. Just think about the possibilities! Getting a Christmas greeting card made for your clients that doesn’t look embarrassing. Or fulfilling your own clients’ wishes by not only selling them an Instagram ad but also a business card and a flyer.

Important answers

Verliere ich Zeit, wenn ich für Feedback etwas länger brauche?

Nein! Wartest du unter Umständen selbst auf dein Kundenfeedback, kann alles schonmal etwas länger dauern. Uns macht das gar nichts und dir entstehen auch keine Nachteile, ganz im Gegenteil. Ist ein Auftrag länger als 24h on hold fangen wir automatisch mit dem nächsten Auftrag auf deiner Liste an.Wenn du bereits vorab weißt, dass eine Rückmeldung zu einem speziellen Auftrag länger dauern wird, gib uns rechtzeitig Bescheid, denn fangen wir direkt den nächsten Auftrag an.

Can I cancel at any time?

Sure. You can cancel or pause your current subscription at any time. The subscription then ends at the end of the current contract month. After the termination, you will still have access to our platform. Your designs will only be deleted from our servers after a period of at least 3 months.

Do I get professional and creative advice?

Yes. Our design contacts and, above all, the art directors in the higher packages will be happy to advise you professionally and creatively on your assignments. The main thing is to provide you with exactly what you need. It is often helpful to have a conversation about the overriding goal that you have, e.g. B. pursue marketing-technically in order to determine which content you use best for it

Can speak to my designer over the phone?

Yes. You can talk to your design contact person / art director by phone. The designers will be happy to advise you on technical questions on a wide variety of topics. They can also give you tips on marketing-related questions such as B. common advertising formats in the individual social media or for the design of flyers.

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