Get a webflow website created by Design Duck

You read it right! Germany’s leading graphic design subscription builds your website in webflow. From one-pagers to more complex company websites.
Benefit from the experience gained from thousands of customer orders.

Webflow websites are like WordPress with Elementor, but just cooler!

UX and Web Design Hand in Hand

When we build your webflow website and ideally also design it, our UX designers collaborate directly with the web designers. With us, you get both – a strong design and a clean implementation.

Thanks to our subscription system, we can execute your webflow website at a really good price and continue to take care of your other graphic design projects as needed or additionally.

Our marketing department mostly uses Design Duck for ad graphics. We are very enthusiastic, especially with the quick implementation!

Ben Staudt

Patronus Group, Founder

Fast thanks to effective project management

We typically create webflow websites within 1-2 months as part of our Design Duck package. Simple one-pagers can be even faster. For more complex websites, you might want to plan for 2 – 3 months.

The turnaround time, of course, depends heavily on how clear your visions are and how often we need to make adjustments. Before starting, we’ll collaborate to determine the timeframe you can expect and the best way for us to reach our goals together.

Plan, Build, Deliver, and Maintain

We build the webflow website either in our space or at your place – your choice. Once it’s completed, we transfer it over to you. Afterward, you can opt for our support package at 349 EUR per month (maintenance, content updates, web design adjustments – including 4 hours of development) or take care of it yourself – that’s up to you.

Regular communication is crucial before and during the build, and depending on the complexity of the project, we might discuss progress at weekly intervals, for example. You’ll always stay closely involved and have everything in sight!

Our work speaks for itself

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