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From simple landing pages to classic corporate websites, and even high-performance online shops. We design your website or your client’s website individually, performance-oriented, and incredibly fast using Adobe XD or Figma.

The website is the foundation of your online success – don't compromise here.

Our UX and UI designers are ready for your website design

We provide you with unique website designs that have a high recognition value. You won’t find standardized templates or cheap themes here. You benefit from our extensive experience in web design, including implementation, and have a dedicated point of contact throughout the process.

We translate the wireframes, mockups, or click dummies into Adobe XD or, upon request, in Figma.

Florian Klemmer


For us as a marketing agency, the design agency package is simply brilliant. Above all, the quick implementation is worth gold for us!

Website designs delivered faster than you're used to

The processing time varies greatly based on the complexity of your project. A one-pager might take only 1-2 days, while a complete website could take 1-2 weeks, and a complex online shop, including revisions, might take even longer.

Effective communication and efficient processes within your team or with your clients are important. P.S. – Our designers can join your client meetings if it’s helpful.

Hold on! We also build websites.

As a subscriber of our Design Duck subscription, we directly implement the website design in Webflow.

Experience and communication make the difference here

Especially with complex topics like website design, we always entrust specialists internally who practically do nothing else 🙂

Benefit from our system with a well-coordinated team of local, full-time designers and our unparalleled communication offering. Let’s talk about it!

We deliver!

… ein kleiner Auszug

Get your website designed stress-free

After you’ve submitted your order along with your wishes and ideas through our order form, we start creating drafts. For complex website designs, we maintain constant communication and work our way towards success, page by page.

1. Insert Job

You can create your order super conveniently through our specially designed order form.

2. Now it's our turn

Our designers will propose various drafts to you as soon as possible after working on the conceptualization of your website.

3. Your design is ready

After mutual coordination and fine-tuning, we’ve done it. Here is your website design.

What else could we do for you?

We provide you with all the services that graphic designers could offer. Besides flyers and brochures, you can have us create anything our specialists are capable of. That’s a lot of possibilities. Imagine quickly creating a Christmas greeting card for your customers that doesn’t end up looking embarrassing. Or fulfilling your clients’ desires by offering not just Instagram ads but also business cards and flyers.

Important answers

Can speak to my designer over the phone?

Yes. You can talk to your design contact person / art director by phone. The designers will be happy to advise you on technical questions on a wide variety of topics. They can also give you tips on marketing-related questions such as B. common advertising formats in the individual social media or for the design of flyers.

How quickly will my order be completed?

ASAP! Speed ​​is one of our main selling points. So we take it seriously. Typically, most jobs can be completed in 1-2 business days. Complex jobs such as b. extensive website designs can logically take longer. Good communication is particularly important for such orders in order to keep throughput times as short as possible. Red cars would say: I AM SPEED!

How often can I submit an order for revision?

As often as necessary. We try to deliver every order to the point to your complete satisfaction at the first attempt. However, this will not always be possible. You are human and we are human too – there are tastes, opinions… etc .. We therefore improve every assignment until you say that it has been completed.

Do I get professional and creative advice?

Yes. Our design contacts and, above all, the art directors in the higher packages will be happy to advise you professionally and creatively on your assignments. The main thing is to provide you with exactly what you need. It is often helpful to have a conversation about the overriding goal that you have, e.g. B. pursue marketing-technically in order to determine which content you use best for it

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